Posted by: Seekers Global Project | April 25, 2012

Rising In Christ!

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Church of Charlotte

We had a group of youth from Calvary church of Charlotte, N.C. come to visit and spend their Easter week with us. It was such an amazing experience for us and for them, as they got to experience firsthand what life is like here in Colombia and forge relationships with new friends. The age range for the youth was between 14 and 18 years old, with 4 adult leaders. While they were here, we had some major difficulties as they were our very first group to host. As you can imagine things didn’t go as we all had planned, but then again, when does it ever? There was some miscommunications and unmet expectations in various degrees, but we could see God moving. It was a time of learning for us and for them.

Through all the struggles and stresses, God did some amazing things through these kids and leaders from Calvary. We wouldn’t give Satan a foothold and we’re so Glad that God was with us. At Once de Noviembre, we had a three day, vacation bible school type program, a movie night on Friday and our regular Sunday service. Once FlyerWe witnessed a huge attendance on all those days and an enormous number of kids got to hear the Gospel message and take it home to their families. I have mentioned before, but I’ll say it again, it is so easy to fall in love with the people in Once. The kids and their big beautiful smiles and the welcoming warmth of the adults that come is such a huge blessing. Each day seemed to bring more kids and on Friday we showed the movie “Courageous” for the adults. The total count on Friday was 46 kids and 28 adults, for a grand total of 74 people in attendance. We are just reveling in God’s amazing handiwork.

We also saw a community park in Ciudadela (another barrio here in Santa Marta where there is a church plant) transformed so it could be better used by the community and the church (they too saw an increase in attendance there on Sunday). Relationships sprouted between the group and the kids at the Esperanza school and most of all friendships cultivated between these visiting kids, their leaders and us missionaries. In the end we were able to take away some valuable lessons on how to be better hosts and how to be better facilitators to future visiting groups. We felt so privileged to spend the week with the group and in a small way to get to know them. We are praying that God will continue to work in and through their lives and that we will get to see them again here in Colombia.

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As I had expressed to the Calvary leaders when they were here and have mentioned on this blog before, we are fighting a cosmic battle and we are on the front lines. Whenever you step out in faith, you are stepping out onto that line and are fighting against the rulers, against the authorities, against the powers of this dark world and against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms. We must not surrender and we must not retreat, but rather must advance for the kingdom of God is at hand. God never promised that this road we are on would be easy or smooth, but He did promise to be with us every step of the way. Matthew 28:20 “… And surely I am with you always, to the very end of the age.” No matter where you go in this world, the battle rages and we are all called to fight. When you invest in God’s kingdom and support missionaries, you are fighting alongside those who are entrenched in the battle and the victory is yours as well. When a person accepts Jesus’ sacrifice, you are among the victors and God’s kingdom advances. We might be beaten, battered, and bruised but through it all we will rejoice in all of God’s victories!

Vanessa Baptism

Vanessa Baptism

The week we spent with the Calvary kids and leaders, ended in a major Victory for our great God. On Easter Sunday morning, the day the group left for home, we had a baptism at the beach for a whole group of people, but one person in particular really touched our hearts… Her name is Vanessa and she has been attending the church here in Santa Marta for a long time, but she had never been baptized…can you believe the smile on Vanessa’s face as she came up out of the water? What an amazing thing, when an adult comes to the cross and is buried and rises in Christ. Rejoice with us as we celebrate yet another young lady coming into our family of believers. A week of victories for the cause of Christ, only to start the following week with another adopted child of God being welcomed into the family of Christ! God is so Good!!

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